Finally I enjoy running!

I recently started watching crime series/movies while running on a treadmill. It works surprisingly well with my Iphone (it will of course work with any smart phone)! The more intriguing/exciting the movie/episode is the more I forget that I´m tired and suddenly running is a joy!

Public Service in Sweden

I´m so grateful for the system we have in Sweden. Our 2 public channels put everything they send on TV on the Internet. Which means full length episodes and in one piece! Yay! I recently saw. The new European Crime Series “The Spiral”, A documentary series about crimes in Great Britain and the Norwegian series “Lilyhammer” about an American gangster in Norway.


Must be one of the greatest inventions ever! It takes a little bit of work finding series in full length and usually they are divided in several pieces. But hey! it´s free! I’ve been seeing classical series like. Columbo, Murder She wrote and Mission impossible.

New favourite

My best tip is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A series from the 1980s with Jeremy Brett. The episodes are in one piece for about 53 minutes. In that time I have time to warm up, run 5 km and unwind. Today I watched “The Crooked man” (Not so good) But “The dancing men”, I know is good!



  1. Hi,
    I am trying to get hold of English translations of the 3rd and 4th books in the Department Q series by Jussi Adler-Olsen. Could you possibly tell me where I can buy them? Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
    Regards. Katinka.

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    18 September 2012 12:36


  2. Hi Katinka!

    I´m afraid the books are not yet translated in to english. Hopefully they will be soon. As soon as I hear something about them I´ll write about it here!

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    22 September 2012 18:47