Questioning Felipe with his attorney present

So why did you have Jenny’s money in your bag? We have found her fingerprints on several of the bills so we know they came from her.

Yes, they came from her. I got to know Jenny through my fling with Ulrica. A while back she called me. She wanted me to help her with some business that she did not want media to find out about.


Like what?

I rented a castle in France for the summer, among other things.


Why would Jenny want to rent a castle and why would she want to keep it a secret?

I don’t know.


What about the money in the bag? What were they going to be used for?

I don’t know. I was supposed to drive to France and then she was going to contact me to get them.


Why were you outside her house on February 20?

I picked up the money. I forgot that she had hid them in the back so I went to the front entrance by mistake.


Your story sounds very unlikely, are you aware of that?

Every word is true.


We will doublecheck your information and get back to you.


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