Evil in All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson

Fun in the Sun

In this novel we get to join travel writer Lily Moore as she travels to Acapulco, Mexico. She is expecting an all-expenses-paid press trip, but the fun in the sun quickly ends when a fellow journalist suddenly disappears. Hotel management refuses to contact the police and when Lily tries to leave the hotel they will not let her. What is really going on? And why are there not any other guests at the hotel?

Luxurious and Creepy Setting

I love how Davidson uses an exotic setting, where dark secrets lurk under the perfect surface in this (almost) locked room mystery. It adds to the suspension that Lily is travelling by herself, and that she does not know who of her fellow journalists she can trust. Evil in All Its Disguises is the third novel by Anthony Award winner Hilary Davidson. I have not read any of her previous novels, but now I will definitely join Lily Moore as she travels to other destinations.

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