Elegy for Eddie

During Easter, I´ve  read the 9th book in the Jacqueline Winspears series about Maisie Dobbs.


Maisie Dobbs

… is a woman in the upper 30s living in London in the early 1930’s. By  intelligence and luck she has made ​​a class trip from the poor girl from one of London’s poorer neighborhoods to a wealthy psychologist with her own private detective agency. The series is set during the inter-war period and Winspear manages to create suspense in the growing threat from the facism in Europe. Another theme in the series is Maises difficulties to fit in with the upper class without losing the roots from her less priveleged childhood. Maisie has a lot of similarities to the character Miss Fischer in the Australien TV-series.


In this book, some of London’s Costermongers comes to Maisie for help. They knewMaisie when she was a poor little girl in south London and wants Maisie to help them find out what happened to one of their peers. Eddie was a retarded man with a special gift. He could talk to horses. It was him everybody called when a horse became ill or hard to handle. When Eddie dies in an accident at a paper mill his comrades suspects that it was not an accident. The clues lead to a powerful paper magnet but also Maisies best friend’s husband… In the quest for truth one of her employees is exposed to great danger.



It took a while to really get caught up in the story, but once I did. I didn´t want to stop reading. Maisie is a fantastic character and the portrait of Eddie is beautifully written.

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