Did not survive – A Zoo mystery by Ann Littlewood

During Easter I read a few books and among them where Did not survive by Ann Littlewood. I was not familiar with the author before, it was sent to me as a review copy. This is the second book in a series about the Zoo-keeper Iris Oakly. The first book is called Night Kill.


Iris Oakley is pregnant, without a husband (He died in the first book) and degraded to taking care of birds since pregnant women are not allowed to take care of cat-animals. One early morning she is heading to the birds when she hear the elephants trumpet. Something is wrong and she finds her boss lying on the floor in the Elephant house covered in blood. At first they blame the elephant but soon Iris realize something else is going on, also several mysterios events take place, like when dead tiger simply dissapears right before an autopsy.


I liked Iris she reminds me of a grown up Kitty and above all she is very human. This is a Zoo-dunnit. Which means that one of her colleagues is a killer. As in many who-dunnit the suspects are very stereotypical. That´s a shame. A little more work on the characters (not Iris)  would raise the level of this book.

Something for animal lovers

It would be unfair to say only animal lovers will like this book but of course it does help if you do… Ann has worked in a zoo herself and it shows. We get a serious insight in how it is to work in a zoo. We learn mostly of birds, elephants and clouded leopards. What I really like in this book is that she sneaks in the question of wheter it is good for animals to live in Zoos or not. The given answers is of course that all animals should live in the wild but it´s not always that easy.

To sum it up

I thought the book was ok and for me it was a nice pause from all the bloody, highthrilling crime novels. I don´t think you have to be an animal lover to like it but if you do it helps.  I also think the author could work on her characters (not Iris) a bit but over all it was a cozy Zoo-dunnit.

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