Dark Secrets by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt

Roger, a sixteen-year-old boy, disappears in Västerås, Sweden. The search does not get underway until a few days later and the boy is then found murdered. The federal police take over the investigation.

The psychologist Sebastian Bergman, expert profiler, is in Västerås for personal reasons. He knows the leader of the investigation and talks him into allowing Sebastian to help with the case. At first his motive is strictly personal but he becomes increasingly engaged in the case.

The Main Character

Sebastian is the type that bugs you but that you cannot help but be fascinated by since he has an incredible insight in the human psyche. Women throw themselves at him and he moves from one to another without emotions, and he cannot stop even though he is aware of his sex addiction.

Excellent Debut

“Dark Secrets” is the first crime novel in a series with Sebastian Bergman as the main character. It is an excellent debut! I thought I knew what was going on, but oh was I wrong. Unlike other novels that sometimes end somewhat abruptly this one continues for a few more pages (to my delight). I definitely want to read the next part as soon as possible, but I will have to wait until the end of August when the next novel in the series “The Disciple” is published (in Swedish). I also like that the novel neither has an italic killer nor a parallel historical storyline. Nice for a change!

Original title in Swedish: Det fördolda


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    Where is the English version of this book available? I can’t find it and want to read it!


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    23 July 2011 19:38


  2. I will try to find out.

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    25 July 2011 7:07