Criminal Pictures – the 1950´s

When it comes to criminal pictures, the 1950´s are dominated by the  great Alfred Hitchcock and his thrillers. During this decade Hitchcock made 11 pictures. All of them are worth seeing good but 2 of them are (according to me) extra memorable and are really movies you have to see before you die!

1. Vertigo 1958
John “Scottie” Ferguson (James Stewart) plays an ex-cop who was forced to  quit the force after a trauma. An old friend of him comes to him and asks for his help – his wife behaves strangely, and he fears for her life.  Scotties job is to follow the wife and keep an eye on her. He does this and discovers that the wife seems to be obsessed with a woman who died years ago…. The rest  you have to see.

2. North By Northwest 1959
This is one of my absolute favourites!
Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) is mistaken for an agent and is kidnapped by a criminal organisation. They want information he of course can not give them. After barely escaping the organisation he becomes the prime suspect when an important UN delegate is murdered. Now he is wanted by the police as well as the criminal organisation and a cat and mouse chase begins….The plot may seem a bit messy but it will all be clear when you see it.

Watch and enjoy!

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