Criminal Pictures – The 1940s

Here are some tips of my favourite criminal pictures. I´ll start with the 1940s

1. The Sherlock Holmes movies starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and

Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. I know a lot of people love Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in the movies from the 80s but for me Rathbone and Bruce are and will always be the perfect Holmes and Watson. I also think the white and black adds a mysterious flare to the London fog. 13 movies were made.

2. The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart as the cool private detective Sam Spade is a text book example of a hard boiled movie.  It´s a cynical world where men dominate and women are decorations. Sam Spade is on the hunt for who ever killed his partner. The movie is based on Dashiell Hammets novel with the same name.

3. The third man is an interntional movie, set in Vienna after World War II. The city who, as many European cities during this time, has been damaged after the war is divided into 4 areas, each run by one of the four allias. A man arrives to a funeral of his friend. Strange things happen and he soon wonders if his friend really is dead and if not, what happened? The beautiful theme melody is one of the most memorable in the cinema history. Memorable  are also the final scenes in the sewers of Vienna. Starring is the american actor Orson Welles.

4. Rebecca is a psychological movie made by Alfred Hitchcock. A young woman (Joan Fontain) meets a wealthy and handsom man (Laurence Olivier) and they soon marry. The man has been married before but the first wife died. She quickly realize that she´s competing with this dead woman as the whole mansion breaths of her presence. The first wife (Rebecca) was beautiful, sophisticated, from the right class and the young women starts doubting herself and her marriage. And how did Rebecca die?


  1. Jeremy Brett will probably always be my favorite Holmes, but I will make sure to watch a couple of movies with Rathbone too… maybe I will change my mind… but I don’t think it’s likely 🙂

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    16 November 2009 22:04

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