Crimetime Gotland 2016 Has Started


Crimetime Gotland 2016, Sweden’s new Crime Writing Festival has started. My first seminar is their Writing School. We are a happy gang of aspiring crime writers who have sharpened our pencils (…or rather turned on our laptops) to note everything that some of the best and most beloved crime writers have to share. Our coaches are Anna Jansson, Johan Theorin, Emelie Schepp, Marianne Cedervall and Sören Bondesson. Could it be any better?!

“I hope it will help me kick-start my story”

It will be a lot of fun, says Camilla Wäverstam from Borås, Sweden. “I visited Gotland a few years ago and had an idea, an embryo, and I started writing. But I got stuck pretty quickly, but the idea remained.”

waverstamLast year I came to Gotland to attend the first ever CrimeTime Writing Festival, Camilla tells me.

“I was mostly a spectator and attended as many events and seminars as I could, but this year I am more focused. I will attend the Writing School and I hope it will help me kick-start my story and I will continue to write.”

TheCrimeHouse thanks Camilla for sharing her dreams and we wish her the best of luck with the novel she has started.


Note: this has been translated from Swedish. The original post is available on Deckarhuset.


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