Courtroom classics

The 1950´s was mainly dominated by Hitchcock movies when it comes to crime movies but a new type of movie became popular during this decade – The Courtroom drama.

12angrymen12 angry men
This movie from 1957 takes place in one room 95 % of the time. A jury of 12 men have to decide if a young man is guilty of murdering his son. 11 out of 12 is convinced the boy did it but 1 is not so convinced. During 90 minutes a psychological and moral battle takes place in this small room. It may not sound exciting but it really is! The movie is listed as number 8! on the IMDB´s list of the 250 greatest movies of all time.




anatomyofamurderAnatomy of a Murder
Two years later came Anatomy of a murder starring James Stewart as the small town defence lawyer Paul Biegler who get´s an “impossible” case. A man is charged of murdering a bartender who he claims raped his wife. There is, however, no evidence of the wife ever being raped and the wife is famous for being flirtatious. Biegler and his team have to find evidence that the rape took place, or they are in big trouble… The movie is based on a novel written by a highly appointed judge and the judge in the movie was played by a real lawyer. The courtroom scenes are classic, and very entertaining.

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  1. I had to watch “12 Angry Men” in a management class in grad school – very interesting.

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    06 December 2010 22:04