Cluedo – iPhone/iPod


When I was Christmas shopping last week I finished before my ride came. I killed that time by playing Cluedo on my iPhone.

The Game

This is not a digital version of the board game, but instead you are a reporter who is supposed to solve different murders by collecting clues. The games starts with a practice phase where you more or less are told exactly what you are supposed to do “click here, and then there. Go there and click there, come back and click here and there…” It sounds boring and it was, the introductory phase was really boring but I honestly do not know how they could have done it better. At least the game gets more fun once you get started for real.


The game is neat! It consists of almost only still shots, but the game succeeds in conveying a great feeling of elegant murders in true Agatha Christie fashion.

On the negative side is that the game is way too limited. There are too few clickable details in the different environments and too few types of “evidence.” Consequently it gets repetitive after a while.


I paid SEK 7:- (approximately USD $1) and I think it was worth it. But do not expect a game that you can play for hours. The game is in English.

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