Chrystal Clear* by Karin Wahlberg

Chrystal Clear (Original title in Swedish: Glasklart) is Karin Wahlberg’s 8th crime novel about Claes Claesson and his wife Veronika Lundborg.

The physician Hilda Glas returns to the town where she was raised to do her residency. Raised by foster parents and little knowledge of what really happened to her family she now tries to find the truth. By chance she stumbles over her mother’s medical records and at first there are more questions than answers.

Claes and Veronika celebrate Valborg (Swedish holiday) in the fictional town Hjortsfors, Sweden, but the celebration comes to an abrupt end when they find a dead body in the bonfire. That Hilda has connections to the town is hardly surprising.

The Kingdom of Chrystal

Anna Jansson set part of her crime novel in the Kingdom of Chrystal and Karin Wahlberg does the same. I was raised in the Kingdom of Chrystal and I have worked at Kosta Boda and I think Karin describes the environment in a beautiful way. I enjoy the sections where she describes the art of glassblowing in detail, but I understand if some will find these section a bit unnecessary.

Good Job

This novel was way better than her previous, Death of a Carpet Dealer, and also better than Jansson’s. The tempo is fairly slow, but it is ok because I am busy trying to figure out who “did it.” In the last book it bothered me that some things were dropped, but they get answers in this novel, and in this one there are no lost threads. Good job Wahlberg!


* Direct translation, I do not know the English title

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