Choosing a Book


Most of the time I already know what I want to read next, but sometimes I find myself browsing, and then these are the things that influence me the most:


1. Genre – I rarely consider books outside the mystery/thriller genre (I read 89% crime fiction last year), unless someone has recommended a specific book or it has caught my attention in some other way.

2. Author – When I have found an author I like, I usually read all of his/her books. If an author is already a favorite I have to wait until new ones are published, but sometimes I find a new favorite with several published books that I have not read = jackpot.

3. Recommendations – Recommendations matter, especially when they come from someone with similar taste. And if I consider an unknown book I always glance at its reviews/ratings.

4. Publisher – I must admit that some publishers give books a stamp of quality I trust. I am still somewhat skeptic of self-published books (I have read too many bad ones), but once in a while I come across a really good one and I am trying to be more open (I know there are more gems out there).

5. Title/cover – Title and/or cover rarely makes me choose a book, but it can definitely influence me not to choose one.


How do you choose? Do you always know or do you browse? Maybe you always have a large to-be-read pile? If so, how do books end up there?

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