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Se7en and David Fincher

I am sure among Swedes and film buffs, there was outrage when it was announced that Hollywood was remaking The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. The Swedish version was very well reviewed and performed well in its limited release in … Continue reading

An Uncomfortable Trend Is Spreading At My Office

My Coworkers Spend the Breaks Talking About the Latest Murder No, they are not regulars at Flashback, they have just become obsessed with “Dexter”. The atmosphere by the coffeemaker is fascinating, and when I revealed that I had not watched … Continue reading

Source Code – Sci-fi Thriller at Its Best

An Attempt to Describe the Storyline Imagine that someone could investigate the past during eight minutes. The person in question experiences these eight minutes for real and can interact with his/her environment (and influence how the eight minutes play out). … Continue reading


“Hoodwinked” is an animated pearl that was released a couple of years ago. The storyline is mainly based on “Red Riding Hood” (with a few other fairytales sprinkled in), but it is executed like a genuine TV detective story! The … Continue reading


Storyline Dr. Martin Harris (played by Liam Neeson) travels with his wife to Berlin to give a lecture at a large conference. While the wife is checking in at the hotel, Martin discovers that they have forgotten one of their … Continue reading

The Killing

AMC’s The Killing could have been among the best crime shows ever! As it turns out, however,  it will have to settle for just being a good (and unfortunately also uneven) show. The Show The killing is basically a 13-episode … Continue reading

Foul Play

Why are movies like this one not made anymore? Ok, the movie has some scenes that do not feel like 100%, but other parts of the movie are genius! It would be difficult to find better entertainment for a Sunday … Continue reading