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True Crime Stories: Cases that Shocked America

I never get Us Weekly, People, or any of the other magazines filled to the brink with celebrities and tips on how to lose weight. However, I could not resist this special edition of People, which includes intriguing crime stories … Continue reading

If you like Camilla Läckberg…

Don´t miss this! A chance to visit Camilla Läckbergs Fjällbacka.

Why Swedes Read So Much Crime Fiction During The Summer…

A Taste of Crime: Tomato sauce inspired by the Italian Mafia

Italian inspiration I have a fondness for detective stories set in Italy. For example, books by: Andrea Camilleri, Donna Leon, and a new acquaintance – Marco Vichi. These authors and their main characters love food and describe the Italian cuisine in a fantastic … Continue reading

Let the Games Begin

The Olympic Summer Games begins in London next week. The Olympic flag with its five interlaced rings represent five continents of the world, and we have selected five crime novels/movies/writers to represent them. Which would you select? When you are not … Continue reading

One Honeymoon Week. Seven Crime Novels.

I did not have time to find any crime novels that take place in Jamaica, so instead I brought Åsa Larsson, Mari Jungstedt, Gretelise Holm, Jo Nesbø, Buthler and Öhrlund along on the honeymoon (and of course my husband). I … Continue reading

Liza Marklund at Krimifestival München

There is undeniably a lot of interest for Swedish author Liza Marklund in Germany. The organizers even had to move the event to a larger venue! Funnier than in Sweden Something that surprised me was that we got to see … Continue reading