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New Novel by Mari Jungstedt

An old and rustic farm on Gotland, Sweden, is put on the market despite the fact that the three siblings who own it disagree. The realtor Sanna Widding gets the assignment but is murdered before the farm is sold. Does … Continue reading

Crucified at Klädesholmen by Ramona Fransson

This is the eighth crime novel in the series featuring Greger Thulin. Just like in the other novels the story revolves around an underlying theme, and this time I would say that it is bravery, which turns out to be … Continue reading

The Catfish by Ann Rosman

The Catfish (Havskatten) is the fifth novel in the series about Karin Adler in the Gothenburg police department. The story in the present has a connection to the past and all the threads are tied together in the end, just … Continue reading

Killer Deal by Sofie Sarenbrant

The Göransson’s are selling their house, but the day after the open house the daughter Astrid finds her dad murdered. The murder weapon is one of the kitchen knives and there are no signs of a break-in. But since a … Continue reading

New Main Character, New Publisher

This is Kristina Appelqvist’s fifth crime novel and this time she has a new publisher and a new main character. Here it is Helena Waller, literature researcher at Västgöta University, who is in focus. Helena is also a board member … Continue reading

Maria Wern #15

The girl Mirela is bullied by an older boy and she does not know what to do, and she refuses to tell her mother. She looks forward to getting away from the boy when she gets the opportunity to go … Continue reading

MemoRandom by Anders de la Motte

This is Anders de la Motte’s fourth thriller and the beginning of a new series. His first three novels are all part of the acclaimed Geim-trilogy (Geim, Buzz, and Bubble) that several of us at TheCrimeHouse loved! Has he done … Continue reading