Camilla Läckberg

Best selling author

Camilla Läckberg is one of Sweden’s best selling authors and have been translated in to 33 different languages. In an article in New York times she is compared to Stieg Larsson.

Village by the sea

Läckberg has located her books to a pitoresque village by the sea on the west coast of Sweden. The crimes committed there stands in total contrast to the quiet and beautiful surroundings.


The books focus on a small police team. The official leader Mellberg is an incompetent police who prefers to do as little as possible and constantly mess up the investigations. The real leader of the group is Patrik an intelligent police who is firm but gentle to his co workers. Erica, Patrick’s wife is an author who somehow always gets involved in the investigations. Together Patrik and Erica struggles with the daily troubles of combining work with family life.

Book nr. 8

This week Läckberg will be releasing her 8th book ín the series. The book is called Änglamakerskan in Swedish. Her first book is called the Ice Princess.

Try one of her books

I can definately recommend them.

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