Camilla Läckberg Visits San Diego

Camilla Läckberg’s U.S. tour started in New York City on March 28 and ends in Chicago on April 8. San Diego’s turn came on March 31 and we hardly ever get visits from Swedish crime writers so I was thrilled to visit the bookstore Mysterious Galaxy. I have been a Läckberg fan ever since I happened to get my hands on “The Ice Princess” when it had just been published in Sweden not many other people knew who Camilla Läckberg was.

Lovely Evening

Camilla started off by reading an excerpt from ”The Ice Princess,” then she answered all of our questions before it was time to sign books and take photos. We had a great time and Camilla was very funny and inspiring, despite the fact that she must have answered the same questions countless times.

These days Camilla not only writes about crime; her second cookbook and her first children’s book “Super-Charlie” (which we could look through) will be released in Sweden this spring. Camilla told us how “Super-Charlie” was created and she also revealed some about how they plan to market the book.

It was extremely interesting to hear about her view on marketing of books, which is a controversial subject in Sweden. As a marketer I cannot but agree with Camilla that you can view a book as a product.

Her Own Policeman

Her husband (policeman and winner of the first season of “Survivor” in Sweden) Martin Melin was also there and several Swedes were just as interested in being photographed with him. He writes about their trip on his blog and there are some pictures from the San Diego visit here. Camilla also admitted that it is very convenient to have her own policeman to ask questions, and that some crime writers think that it is a bit like “cheating.”

There Are Other Crime Writers

In the U.S. ”The Ice Princess” has just been released in paperback and ”The Preacher” (hardcover) will be released in April. Camilla told us that she has just submitted her latest manuscript and that “The Angel Maker,” her eighth crime novel set in Fjällbacka, will be released in Sweden in September.

Up until now she has written a crime novel per year, but with books released in over 30 countries she spends an increasing amount of time traveling to promote the books. Her plan right now is to write two crime novels during the next five years, but like she said with a smile, ”there are other crime writers,” which TheCrimeHouse is grateful for!

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