Blue Heaven by C.J. Box

Blue Heaven

At first everything seems calm and peaceful in the small town in northern U.S. The town is old and set in its ways — to the locals’ chagrin things have started to change. In the last few years a lot of retired LA police officers have moved there, and the town is now called “Blue Heaven.”

Missing Children

The town’s idyllic image is shattered one day when two children do not come home after school. The town becomes paralyzed and everyone wants to help look for the missing children. Leading the effort is four retired LAPD officers, and the town’s people view them as heroes. However, the police officers are not the good citizens they claim to be. The reason the children did not come home after school was that they witnessed a murder when they were on their way to go fishing. The killers were the four police officers who are now leading the search effort, hoping that they will be the first to find the children alive…

Good vs. Evil

Blue Heaven is a classic good vs. evil story and it feels like it is written with the intent to later show up on the silver screen (but not measure up to the novel). The suspense is kept at a constant level and the novel is impossible to put down.

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