Birdman by Mo Hayder

Birdman was the first novel I read by Mo Hayder. I found it randomly at the library and thought I would give it a chance since it was by an English female crime writer and that is usually a good … Continue reading

Sovereign by C.J. Sansom

This is the fourth book in the series of the lawyer Matthew Shardlake from the 16th century London. The plot The year is 1541 and King Henry Tudor is on his way to the North in order to deal with … Continue reading

The Helper by David Jackson

It’s always great to get the opportunity to read a book by a new author. Well, new to me that is. I’ve never read a book by David Jackson before and quite embarrassingly, I’ve never even heard of him. But … Continue reading

Interview with Michael Simon

Hi Michael Simon and welcome to the Crimehouse. For those of our readers out there who is not familiar with your and your work, how would you like to introduce yourself? I’m a writer. Mostly a crime writer. Occasionally an … Continue reading

Last Jew Standing by Michael Simon

Last Jew Standing is the latest book in the series about Dan Reles, written by Michael Simon. This book picks up a couple of years after Little Faith. It’s now the middle of the nineties and lieutenant Reles lives with … Continue reading

Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom

Dark Fire takes place in 1540, in the middle of Tudor era in London. Henry VIII has just married Ann of Cleeves but he is not happy. Thomas Cromwell, the man behind the big English reformation, is in big trouble … Continue reading

Little Faith by Michael Simon

For some reason Michael Simon’s books hasn’t been given much attention over here in Sweden. His first two books, Dirty Sally and Body Scissors (named Sweet Virginia in Sweden) where both translated into Swedish. I stumbled across them at my … Continue reading