If you like Camilla Läckberg…

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A Taste of Crime: Tomato sauce inspired by the Italian Mafia

Italian inspiration I have a fondness for detective stories set in Italy. For example, books by: Andrea Camilleri, Donna Leon, and a new acquaintance – Marco Vichi. These authors and their main characters love food and describe the Italian cuisine in a fantastic … Continue reading

Swedish Thriller on export!

Tokyo Year Zero

Hard-boiled experimental post-war story David Peace is an English crime writer living in Japan. He has previously written the Red riding trilogy, which has also been filmed. I knew it would be hard-boiled but I was not really prepared for … Continue reading

Victims of paradise (direct translation)

Background Victims of Paradise is Swedish crime author Kristina Ohlsson’s fourth book about Fredrika Bergman. In the first book Fredrika Bergman begins as a civilian employee of the police where she works in a special investigation team headed by Alex Recht.  In … Continue reading

Journal 64

High expectations Journal 64 is danish crime author Jussi Adler-Olsen’s fourth book about Carl Mörck and Section Q. The first three books were released all three in Sweden last year and I was blown away! In my opinion it was the best books … Continue reading

5th book in the Villette-series!

Rekviem in Villette (direct translation) This is Ingrid Hedström’s fifth book about Martine Poirot, that takes place in the fictional town of Villette, Belgium.  Ingrid Hedström is a Swedish journalist with focus on Europe. During the 1990s she lived in Brussels, Belgium. … Continue reading