Death goes postal

This book was sent to me from USA. I thought it sounded a bit charming with a Book Store in the center of the story and I can´t resist a puzzle novel. Story A couple takes over a house/bookstore after an old lady. … Continue reading

Sweden´s best Crime Novel

  Recently a Swedish Newspaper asked 80 experts in crime novels (authors, journalists, bloggers, librarians, people in the industry etc.) if they could list their three favourite Swedish Crime Novels. It resulted in a list of the 101 best Crime Novels … Continue reading

Maisie Dobbs Series

I recently came across a detective series about a female detective in the aftermath of World War I. A lesson in Secrets is written by the British author Jacqueline Winspear. Story Maisie Dobbs accepts an undercover assignment for the Secret … Continue reading

When death came to Pemberley

Fans of Jane Austen If you are a true Austen-lovers you swallow everything that has the smallest connection with Jane Austen. The books are filmed every now and then,  there are adaptations of Jane Austen’s life and there is a musical. The … Continue reading

Brilliant historical crime novel

Mid 1880s is the time in which the book The Gods of Gotham, written by Lyndsey Fay, takes place. Europeans are fleeing poverty for a better life in the “New World” First stop is New York City (Gotham City). The book is … Continue reading

Finally I enjoy running!

I recently started watching crime series/movies while running on a treadmill. It works surprisingly well with my Iphone (it will of course work with any smart phone)! The more intriguing/exciting the movie/episode is the more I forget that I´m tired … Continue reading

James Twining – The Double Eagle

James Twining and Tom Kirk Brittish Briton James Twining was  a new acquaintance for me. Double Eagle is the first in a series about Tom Kirk, a gentleman art thief. I love heist-plots and the art world so this suits me perfectly!   Plot After a murder in … Continue reading