Hostage to Murder by Val McDermid

Hostage to Murder is about the journalist Lindsay Gordon. Lindsay returns to Glasgow her wife after having spent several years in the U.S. Why? Sophie has been offered a professorship in obstetrics at the University of Glasgow. Friction occurs right … Continue reading

City of Bones by Michael Connelly

The text on the back cover starts with a dog finding a bone. It is not exactly original, but it catches my interest. I also love how the novel starts, and it has me hooked from the first line. The … Continue reading

Italian Spaghetti Noir

This is a spaghetti noir novel written by a very unusual crime writer. If you have not heard about this spectacular author I can tell you that Carlotto was accused of a murder he did not commit during college; the … Continue reading

Interview with Anders Jallai

Hello Anders Jallai, and welcome to TheCrimeHouse! As a fighter pilot, diver, and persistent “busybody” how did you decide that now was the time to write books? I had a lot of information I wanted to share. Unfortunately it was … Continue reading

A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes

After having read Precious Blood, Jonathan Hayes´s first crime novel, I was eager to read A Hard Death. Forensic pathologist Edward Jennes is back in a thriller that takes place in a small coastal town. Edward Jenner, who has been … Continue reading

The Quarry by Johan Theorin

The Quarry is the third part in Johan Theorin’s series about the island Öland, Sweden during four seasons. This one is about spring. The quarry is a dark red layer that people used to think was petrified blood from a … Continue reading

Interview with Thomas Erikson

Hello Thomas Erikson, and congratulations to an awesome first crime novel! Thank you that makes me feel great! 🙂 We would love to learn more about you. Who are you? I am a former banker who got tired of stiffness … Continue reading