Good Behavior

Good Behavior is a TNT show that I stumbled upon while looking for a new show to stream. I am happy I found it because it is quite good, and fans of crime fiction will appreciate it. It is a … Continue reading

The Girl on the Train — The Movie

  The Girl on the Train is a rare type of movie in today’s Hollywood landscape–an adult oriented thriller that is not based on a comic book.  It is not completely original–it is based on a best-selling novel by Paula … Continue reading

The Wire and Breaking Bad – Two American Crime Classics

Breaking Bad recently ended its run on cable with its series finale on September 29, 2013. Like many fans of the show, I was a late arrival. I caught up by watching most of the series on Netflix and then … Continue reading

World War Z

At first glance, World War Z does not seem like a movie that would be relevant to this site. But this Zombie movie does not fall into the mold of this genre like Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days … Continue reading

Bond: GoldenEye

While GoldenEye may not be the best Bond movie, it holds a special spot on the top of my list because it introduced me and many in my generation to the James Bond character. There was a 6 year gap … Continue reading


Audience Is Kept on Edge BBC’s modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes has just finished showing its second season in the US. It airs on PBS and is also available to watch streaming. Unlike most American TV programs, the episodes are … Continue reading

Se7en and David Fincher

I am sure among Swedes and film buffs, there was outrage when it was announced that Hollywood was remaking The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. The Swedish version was very well reviewed and performed well in its limited release in … Continue reading