Crime Fiction Stamps

I have thought about getting the crime fiction stamps at the post office (in Sweden) for a long time. But I have always forgotten to ask for them, and the few times I have remembered they have been out of … Continue reading

Swedish Launch of Beautiful Malice

”Beautiful Malice” by Rebecca James has already been sold to over thirty countries and the Swedish publisher (Alfabeta Bokförlag) organized an evening where they talked about the novel and the actress Lo Kauppi (above) read excerpts from the novel. Review … Continue reading

Miss Marple’s Turn

A few days ago I wrote about ”Sherlock – Case of Evil” from 2002, where the moviemakers presented a sexier version of Sherlock Holmes. Yesterday a Swedish newspaper reported that Disney will bring Miss Marple back to the big screen … Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes – Case of Evil

“Sherlock Holmes – Case of Evil” (also called “Sherlock”) from 2002 is a very unusual Sherlock movie adaptation. Storyline The movie starts with a young Sherlock shooting and “killing” Moriarty, but the body falls into a sewer system and is … Continue reading

A Taste of Crime: Semlor

Tam Sventon Last Tuesday was not just any Tuesday, it was Tam Sventon’s favorite day, Fat Tuesday! On this day I think everyone should take out their old Tam Sventon books (I only found an audiobook I meant to give … Continue reading

Real Murders by Charlaine Harris

It took me a few months to get through this novel, which says a lot… True Blood First, a little about the author, Charlaine Harris. She is probably best known for having written the novels that the TV series True … Continue reading

Becoming a Published Author – Part 3

This time it’s my uncle, Micke Evhammar, who is answering our questions. Micke’s first novel “Thick as a Brick” was published in 2009, and he also participated in the anthology “Skarpt läge” last fall. Hello Uncle Micke and welcome to … Continue reading