The Wave of Death by Bo Norgren

“Never judge a book by its cover” and it could not have been more true than in this case! Storyline “The Wave of Death” takes place in Thailand after the tsunami. The work of identifying deceased people is underway. Göran … Continue reading

Interview with Jo A. Hiestand

Welcome to Deckarhuset/TheCrimeHouse, Jo A. Hiestand! Thanks so much for wanting to talk with me, Joachim! As we understand, you are an American writing books with stories that all take place in the UK, and you also have a special … Continue reading

Swan Song by Jo A. Hiestand

This is a charming mystery novel of the traditional British sort. With this I mean that it is on the verge of being a “cosy crime” and has an ending that explains everything. A warning to those of you who … Continue reading

Foul Play

Why are movies like this one not made anymore? Ok, the movie has some scenes that do not feel like 100%, but other parts of the movie are genius! It would be difficult to find better entertainment for a Sunday … Continue reading

TheCrimeHouse on Vacation: Cabot Cove

…or rather Mendocino, California, because it was in this coastal town that “Murder, She Wrote” was shot. According to unconfirmed sources nine episodes of the series were shot in Mendocino, but shots from the town were used in considerably more … Continue reading

The Lincoln Lawyer

The movie is entertaining as long as it lasts, but it will not stick with you. The story is good, but definitely not groundbreaking. The actors are doing a good job overall, even though the characters they are playing are … Continue reading

A Taste of Crime: Tru Blood

It does not matter what you read by Charlaine Harris, the very commercial soda Tru Blood is the perfect reading snack 🙂 And the flavor is blood orange (how fitting). When will we see Lisbeth Salander’s brand of frozen microwavable … Continue reading