The Thai Amulet by Thomas Dahlqvist

On the first page a female Thai military Captain who has deserted is shot and killed. The freelance journalist Tommy Berg succeeds in getting his hands on the amulet that the woman was wearing around her neck, an amulet that … Continue reading

Bones, Bones and More Bones…

Netflix will be the death of me. I have found yet another series to consume too much of, and that is Bones! I cannot remember that I have ever seen an episode of Bones on TV. That in itself is … Continue reading

With Eyes Closed by Jan-Erik Ullström

The plot is fairly simple; With Eyes Closed is a traditional “killer-is-out-to-get-the-main-character-story”. What mainly set this novel apart are three things: First, you can say that the main character is almost suffering from a split personality. Elisabeth (or Bettey who … Continue reading

Interview with A.S. Swanski

Today we present an interview with A.S. Swanski, a Dutch musician, who now lives in Sweden. He has recently launched a music project inspired by Swedish crime fiction!   How did you come up with the idea to do an … Continue reading

Blackwater by Kerstin Ekman

Blackwater was recently named the best Swedish crime novel of all time, but I do not agree. However, the novel is not bad and large parts of it are good. Kerstin Ekman is very skilled at portraying different atmospheres. Many … Continue reading

The Oxford Murders – The Movie

This movie from 2008 with Elijah Wood as the main character has been reviewed on our Swedish site earlier. Neither Erica not Sara liked it very much. Surprised I was pleasantly suprised when I finally watched the movie yesterday. I … Continue reading

B5 by Christer Ackerman

B5 is a fast paced thriller that aspires to be epic. The story is built around several different stories that are tied together in the end. It starts with an attack in Stockholm, but pretty soon it becomes apparent that … Continue reading