A Place of Execution by Val McDermid

A young policeman becomes responsible for a murder investigation involving a girl who disappeared in the 1960s. Without giving away too much I can tell you that the novel is divided into two parts and these in turn are divided … Continue reading

Sweetwater by Paul Charles

This was my first meeting with Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy, and it was a pretty pleasant one I must say. Better in the Right Order As always I don’t like start reading a novel in the middle of a series, … Continue reading

The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

I cannot make up my mind about the author Val McDermid. I did not like the novels I have read about the psychologist Tony Hill at all, unlikely coincidences, cliché characters, etc. (There is also a TV series based on … Continue reading

Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton

S.J Bolton is a completely new acquaintance for me, and I was very pleasantly surprised! When I read the back cover I thought that this was not something for me: ancient runes, ritual murders and ties to old legends – usually not … Continue reading

Tragic Telegram

Stieg Trenter, from 1947. My first contact with Trenter, and a lovely meeting it was – the language is rich and colourful in a way quite different from most of the recent Swedish crime novels I’ve read (I read the … Continue reading

What is Mine – Anne Holt

Holt is a Norwegian lawyer and writer who was actually minister of justice for a while. I think I read Blind Gudinna (no English translation available, I think? Blind Goddess, literally translated, Blind Gudinne in Norwegian) many years ago, but … Continue reading