The Era of Bookshelves

When we bought a new condo a year ago the builtin bookshelf was the deciding factor. We homestyled our old place before we sold it and we sorted our bookshelf according to color. As a result our friends and family had … Continue reading

In 2012 I promise…

It is time to make the traditional New Year’s resolutions As usual I promise that this will be the year I stop eating candy (not until Easter at least – that is when this resolution usually fails), exercise more and … Continue reading

Searching in London’s Alleys

The real Jack the Ripper was never caught and his identity remains a mystery. But now we have the chance to catch him – or her – and thus reveal the person behind the crimes. Among the suspects are names … Continue reading

Clever Book Storage

A new apartment with more space means that our bed no longer has to stand against the wall. It also means that we had the opportunity to let our book piles move up from the dust bunnies on the floor … Continue reading

The One-Eyed Rabbit by Christoffer Carlsson

I have never really liked novels where the main character is a young, confused boy. The young boy perspective tends to become too much for my taste. It has probably something to do with the lack of identification. First I … Continue reading

An Uncomfortable Trend Is Spreading At My Office

My Coworkers Spend the Breaks Talking About the Latest Murder No, they are not regulars at Flashback, they have just become obsessed with “Dexter”. The atmosphere by the coffeemaker is fascinating, and when I revealed that I had not watched … Continue reading

Blood from a Stone by Donna Leon

Murder During Christmas Time When an African street vendor and also illegal immigrant is murdered during the busy Christmas shopping in Venice, the case ends up on Guide Brunetti’s table. He is upset by how these vu cumprà (which apparently … Continue reading