The Book Pile Has Grown…

All hobbies have been on the backburner for a few months due to my pregnancy and work on my thesis. The book pile has grown to enormous heights during this time. Now that the thesis is finished (it only took … Continue reading

Desire to go to Italy?

This week Italy has been on my mind… My parents spent last weekend with my aunt who lives in a small town in northern Italy. My unconscious must have been very jealous, because this past week we have made lasagna, … Continue reading

The Mobile Library: The Case of the Missing Books

The Hope of a Brilliant Future Turns Into Disappointments Book nerd Israel Armstrong moves from London to a small town in the Irish countryside to work as a librarian. After a horrific trip he reaches his destination only to find … Continue reading

I Can See in the Dark by Karin Fossum

Riktor sucks me into his twisted mind With a calm tone of voice Riktor tells us about his life. How he prefers to sit on a bench in the park Mester where he can watch the other park visitors quietly. … Continue reading

Three Weeks to Say Goodbye

Life turns into a nightmare After years of trying to have a baby, Jack and Melissa adopt a young girl, Angelina. A few months later the adoption agency calls and tells them that Angelina’s biological father wants the girl back. … Continue reading

Movie Shock

A few days ago I noticed that my husband was browsing different DVD stores online. My thought was, nice, we’ll get something new to watch. I was not quite prepared for the order’s size and I was shocked when I … Continue reading

Verdict by Ulla Bolinder

A woman decides to go for a bike ride on a Friday evening. She never returns and the police start a search which soon turns into a crime investigation Access to the Same Information We get to follow the investigation … Continue reading