Atrocity by Thomas Erikson

The book can be summarized with one word: rape. It is about the events before, during and after the rape of Sara Leijon. It describes how much a victim has to go through if she decides to report the crime. A rape trial is just a continuation of the nightmare. Alex King is asked to give advice and support to Sara and that brings back painful memories for him as well.

Worthy Sequel

The book is the second in a series about the behavioral scientist Alex King. I liked the debut novel and Atrocities is a worthy sequel.

Support for Victims

The author donates 10 percent of the revenues from the novel to the Swedish Victim Support Group, which is a non-profit organization that works to improve conditions for crime victims. In the book Sara gets assistance from a person working for the group and it gives you a picture of how important their work is.


Original title in Swedish: Illdåd 

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