Ann Cleeves – The Glass Room

Ann Cleeves

The British author Ann Cleeves has written several series in the crime genre, including a series about Inspector Ramsey. The series she is most famous for, and the one that first got me in contact with Ann Cleeves, is the series of Vera Stanhop. The series was turned in to a TV-series a while ago. I liked the TV-series and thought it was interesting with a female DCI, which is still relatively uncommon in the British crime fiction, (that are translated to Swedish).


Vera Stanhop

Vera has similarities with DCI Jane Tennyson and DCI Morse. She is a single, middle-aged women, not bothered with her health and is generally grumpy and difficult. She is especially close to one person in her team that takes a lot of crap from of her. Somehow she is still likable. There is a soft spot near her heart somewhere.


The Glass Room

The story is set in a big house in the country where a writing course is taking place. One of the teachers is murdered and Vera’s neighbor, who is attending the course, becomes the main suspect. The book is designed as a modern version of the classic mystery novel. A set of different characters, writers of different quality and personalities are all suspects with different motives for wanting the deceased dead. Since Vera has links to the main suspect, she should resign from the case but manages somehow to keep the case.


TV show better than the novels

This was my first book by Ann Cleeves and No. 5 in the series but I would have expected more. The story was not that interesting.  What was most interesting was Vera’s relationship with his team and her personal life. The television series had both interesting stories with interesting relationships between team member and actor Brenda Blethyn who does a great portrait of the odd character Vera.

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