An Uncomfortable Trend Is Spreading At My Office

My Coworkers Spend the Breaks Talking About the Latest Murder

No, they are not regulars at Flashback, they have just become obsessed with “Dexter”. The atmosphere by the coffeemaker is fascinating, and when I revealed that I had not watched a single episode I was met with confused looks and a mob that all of a sudden became extremely dedicated to make me aware of the phenomenon Dexter.

One Morning I Found This at My Desk

I have now started what I understand will be a Dexter marathon. After the first episode I knew that I hated the intro, which is despicable. And the series seemed ok, but not more, and I was pondering whether or not I would spend more time watching it. I mentioned this next time at the coffee maker at work, and was met by even more confused looks. Consequently I had to give it another chance. And here we are, three episodes later. I have to admit that my desire to watch another episode is growing stronger. I only have one problem: the appetite. I have somehow managed to watch all of the episodes so far while eating a meal. Not recommended!

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  1. I have only seen one episode so far, maybe I need to give Dexter another chance too…

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    24 September 2011 18:27