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The Murder Mystery

At 11:04pm on December 1, Joanna Svensson found her husband, Walter Svensson, shot to death in their residence at 10 Columbia Street.


Joanna had been to a concert earlier that evening. Her husband was supposed to have gone with her, but he started feeling sick after dinner and stayed at home.


“He must have got the stomach flu or something, because he started throwing up a lot,” Joanna said. “Walter had bought the concert tickets at the last minute to surprise me; he was always very sweet that way. He insisted that I should bring someone else since he could not go, so I brought my coworker Karen.”


The concert started at 8:00pm and ended at 10:30pm. Joanna and Karen, who lives next door, took a taxi home, which took about 30 minutes.


“I could tell that something was wrong as soon as I stepped inside. Then I found him lying there. I called the police right away and I have not touched anything. Walter must have surprised an intruder, because the window is smashed and it looks like someone has been going through our stuff. Why did Walter always have to be so brave?!”


Mr. Falk looked down at his notes:



The police arrived at the murder scene at 11:19pm.


According to the Medical Examiner, the victim Walter Svensson was shot sometime between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.


There is evidence of a burglary.


The murder weapon was left at the scene.




Joanna Svensson has a watertight alibi for the time of the murder…yet I am convinced that she is guilty…





Your task is to help Mr. Falk solve the murder mystery. On the following pages you will find 24 photos, 21 of them will be clues that will help you solve the mystery. However, 3 photos will be red herrings. To solve the murder mystery you have to figure out how the murder was committed by examining the clues and identify a logical motive, also based on the clues. You should also try to identify the 3 red herrings.

On the last page you will find the answer!