A Walk in the Dark by Gianrico Carofiglio

Italian Attorney Risking His Career

Guido Guerrieri works as an attorney in Bari, a city located in in southern Italy. He is used to defending questionable people and has seen a lot of things in his line of work. One day he is offered a case that may change his entire life. He realizes what the case may do to his future career, but still accepts the case and ends up representing a woman who has been abused by her ex-boyfriend. The father of the accused man is high-ranking man in the city.

We get to follow the dragged out trial (the Italian justice system does not seem very smooth) and Guido’s inner struggle to survive in his professional life. There are issues in his private life as well, and Guido is thinking a lot about what he really wants to do with his life.

Many Inner Monologues

My first issue with this book is that it is written in first person. Even though it gives a nice portrait of the frustrated attorney, the book contains too many inner monologues that do not go anywhere. However, I appreciate the way that the author describes environments and the Italian justice system. Apparently we get a lot of first-hand information, since the author Gianrico Carofiglio comes from Bari and is a former anti-mafia judge and currently a member of the Italian senate. Despite this I think the chapters are way too short and lacking in content and I am waiting in vain for the redemptive event that will get the story started.

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