A Taste of Crime: Toad in the Hole

We are starting a new series – A Taste of Crime – with posts about crime novels/movies/TV series, food and drinks. It can be a recipe taken directly from a crime novel, or as in this case, a recipe inspired by a TV series.

Midsomer Murders

This dinner is inspired by Midsomer Murders. It took me a while to think of a suitable dish, but I knew that I had found the perfect one when I found a recipe for Toad in the Hole. It is difficult to find a dish more British than this one.

Toad in the Hole

Toad in the Hole can be made in a million different ways. The most important component is the sausages. I went to my local butcher and ordered four wonderful sausages, which took the “toad” to unexpected heights.

The Recipe

The recipe I used (with some modifications) is taken from Williams-Sonoma and can be found here…

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