A Taste of Crime: Semlor

Tam Sventon

Last Tuesday was not just any Tuesday, it was Tam Sventon’s favorite day, Fat Tuesday! On this day I think everyone should take out their old Tam Sventon books (I only found an audiobook I meant to give as a present to my oldest niece, but I have not got around to it so I finally opened it myself), stock up on a few “semlor” (traditional Swedish pastry) and spend the night with the best form of gluttony!

(Tam Sventon is a private detective and main character in several Swedish children’s books.)

My Fat Tuesday

On Fat Tuesday our tradition the last few years has been to meet a few friends for dinner and some “semlor.” One of the year’s most important decisions is to decide where to get them. This year we chose a small bakery and I was the one who got the honor to run down and get them. Mmm…”semlor.”

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  1. Ohh…I want one, but I guess I’ll have to make it myself…or find a Swedish bakery…

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    15 March 2011 23:43