A Spark of Death

Historical Crime Series by  Bernadette Pajer

A while ago I received a review copy by an unknown author (for me) named Bernadette Pajer. A spark of Death is the first book in a series about Professor Bradshaw who lives in Seattle in the beginning of the 20th century.


One day Professor Bradshaw finds his colleague and Nemesis Professor Oglethorpe dead in a Tesla Oscillator Machine that is used for experiments with electricity. It is soon clear that the death was not an accident but a murder. Professor Bradshaw is soon targeted as the most likely suspect and he has to fight for his honour and freedom.


Bradshaw is a widower who lives together with his son and house-keeper in a pretty little house in Seattle. We also get acquainted with a young women who may? be Bradshaws love-interest in the future and learn how and why Bradshaws wife died.

Historical Crime Novels

I’ve lately read several historical crime novels and this is by comparison a pretty good example except that it was too much technique in it for my taste. I´m not sure I understood all of that, perhaps it would have been easier for me if it were in Swedish?. However Pajer does a great job with the characters and the surroundings.

Murdoch Mysteries

While reading the book i thought of the TV-series Murdoch Mysteries. It also takes place in the beginning of the 20th century (although in Canada) and the Main character Inspector Murdoch uses “new” techniques to help solve crimes. In one episode they even talked about Nikolas Tesla the inventor of the machine used to kill Oglethorpe.


I have one big critique. It was to technical for me. It could be a matter of taste or knowledge but I didn’t quite follow all the technical turns which dragged down the experience. However Pajer does a great job with the characters and the surroundings so I´m looking forward to read Bradshaw novel nr 2.

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