Kristina Appelqvist

Swedish author Kristina Appelqvist has already written four books in the series about principal Emma Lundren and Detective Chief Inspector Filip Alexandersson, but I did not discover them until recently. I read the first three books last weekend, and I am still waiting for the fourth one to be published as an e-book. If you like whodunits, this series may be something for you.

Den svarta löparen*

The debut novel was published in 2009 and in this novel Emma Lundgren has just started working as principal at the university in Skövde when her secretary is murdered. A chess piece from the 14th century puzzles the police, but like in many other crime novels it is explained by events in the past.

Den som törstar*

In the second novel professor Vidar Malmberg dies. A woman is murdered just before his funeral and Emma Lundgren finds the body this time as well. The flirt that started between Emma and Filip in the first book must be put on hold since Emma once again is one of the suspects.

Liv i överflöd*

Yet another university employee is murdered. This time it is a talented researcher. Emma and Filip are newlyweds, so he has to turn over the responsibility for the murder investigation. Instead he works on a cold missing person’s case. It is not surprising that the case turns out to have ties to the murder investigation.


*Original title in Swedish. I do not know when the novels will be published in English or what their titles will be.


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