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grebe-camilla-bittrare-an-dodenCrime novels written by two sisters

Linda recently read the book Some kind of calm by the two sisters Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff.  Now I have read that book as well as the sisters second book that is called Bittrarer än döden in Swedish(loosly translated “Bitter then death”) and I loved them. Camilla has a master in Buisness administration and also started an Audio Book Company. Åsa is a pshychologist and runs a practise together with two colleagues (just like the main character) in Stockholm.Together they sisters make a dynamic couple.


The main character in this book is the Psycho Therapist Siri. She is not a sleuth character, she just happens to get involved in things, against her will. Siri herself struggles with the death of her husband and she is definately someone who needs Therapi herself. By her side she has her best friend Aina who she shares a practice with.

In the first book one of Siris patients is found dead in the water by her seaside cottage where she lives alone. The police finds a suicide note and Sire is devestated. Is she to blame for the girls death? At the same time someone seems to be following her….


The second book starts with a small girl sitting under a table watching in secret as her mother is being killed…. . Siri and Aina start a Self-helf group with women who have been battered by men. In her personal life Siri has found a new man in her life. The question is can she let go of her dead husband?


The sisters have really created a thrilling mood in these books. Siri is a nerv wreck that you more then once get annoyed with. You just want to shake her and tell her to get a hold of her self.  Other times you really feel for her and want to hug her. In any case I really got involved, which is a good thing! Like I said before this is not a detective story it´s more a pshychological thriller and it is exciting! 

End result

Two thumbs up for Grebe/Träff and both their books

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