A French historical crime novel

The English Publishing Company Gallic (who concentrates on french litterature) sent a review copy of Jean-François Parot’s Nicolas Le Floch affair. For this I´m grateful because otherwise I would have missed this great book!

This is the fourth book in the series about Nicolas Le Floch, a police comissioner in Paris in the 1770s. Le Flochs mistress is murdered and all the clues points at Le Floch. His friends and colleagues stick by him and together they reveal the real murderer. At the same time the king (Louis XV) sends him on a diplomatic mission to England.

The author Parot is a diplomat and historian and the book is a mix of authentic and made up charachters that makes the story very believable. He describes the streets, houses and milieu in a way that makes you believe you are there. The language is beautiful and the translater has done a really great job. It took a while for me to get in to the book but as soon as clues and twists were presented I was stuck.

This is a novel for you who likes history just as much as you like crime novels. If you also enjoy juicy descriptions of food you´ve hit the jack pot!