A Christmas Greeting: Jenny Rogneby

Christmas Greeting

Swedish crime writer and criminologist Jenny Rogneby sends a Christmas greeting and answers a few questions.

What is your best book recommendation?

I am reading the Nobel Prize Winner Kazou Ishiguro’s book “Never Let Me Go” right now, that is my recommendation.

How will you celebrate Christmas?

I will celebrate in Barcelona, Spain.

Do you have a New Year’s Wish for 2018?

Can I have several? That I and my loved ones are healthy, and everyone else too when I think about it. That all people stand up, speak up and do not accept it when other people are treated poorly. And that I can do fifty pushups in a row.

Jul Tomtebloss_Jenny Rogneby

Merry Christmas

Best Wishes from Jenny Rogneby


Note: This greeting has been translated from Swedish and was first published by Deckarhuset.

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