A Christmas Greeting: Åsa Schwarz

Christmas Greeting

Swedish thriller author and IT Security Expert Åsa Schwarz sends a Christmas greeting and answers a few questions.

How will you celebrate Christmas?

I’m fortunate to celebrate twice. I have already celebrated Christmas at my uncle’s vacation house in the archipelago where we stayed with that part of my family for 24 hours. There were Christmas gifts, Christmas food and glögg (Swedish mulled wine) by the hot tub outside with a mile wide view of the ocean. On Christmas Eve the other part of the family will come to our house from the 1920s that used to be a milk and grocery store. With our mothers, five children and another four adults it will be loud, but in a good way.

Since you are an expert in IT security, we’d like to hear your best IT security advice.

It is more important that have long and weird passwords than changing them often. You mainly just have to do it when you think it has been compromised. Remember to use different passwords in the most important places like your job, email and social media. Keep your computer and phone updated. But the most important thing is how you act online.  Is it really a friend who sent that video link? Who is on the other end of the chat? Did I enter that lottery where I won a million? You get far using critical thinking.

Do you have a New Year’s Wish for 2018?

My New Year’s wish is related to the underlying theme in my thriller The Seven Keys. I wish that politicians and CEOs start taking cybersecurity seriously. Our entire society is dependent on IT, so we must make sure that our systems don’t fail.


Merry Christmas

Best Wishes from Åsa Schwarz


Note: This greeting has been translated from Swedish and was first published by Deckarhuset.

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