A Christmas Greeting: Anders de la Motte

Christmas Greeting

Award-winning Swedish crime writer Anders de la Motte, a former police officer, sends a Christmas greeting and answers a few questions.

What is your best book recommendation?

The Axman by Ray Celestin. New Orleans 1919. The mafia’s childhood, corrupt cops, private investigators, and a brutal letter-writing serial killer, everything in a dense, icky, award-winning crime novel based on a true story that you simply cannot put down. What’s not to like?

How will you celebrate Christmas?

I will celebrate Christmas and New Years in New York with my family and a few friends. Christmas Americana extra everything. I really look forward to it!

Do you have a New Year’s Wish for 2018?

That more people would read books. To read fiction does not only develop your language but also your empathy and the ability to imagine other people’s situations. That if anything feels particularly important these days. Personally I am very excited for the new edition of the Game-trilogy which will be published in Sweden in March, where I have written a preface and revealed some Easter eggs that I have built into the stories. At the same time it almost feels a little eerie how current the series still is and how many of the Internet-phenomena I fantasized about later would come true.

de la motte

Merry Christmas

Best Wishes from Anders de la Motte


Note: This greeting has been translated from Swedish and was first published by Deckarhuset.

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