A Carol for the Dead by Patrick Dunne

A Carol for the DeadA Carol for the Dead is a very exciting crime novel; it is filled with unexpected turns, which keeps you on the edge of your seat until the surprising ending. The story takes place in County Meaths during Christmas time. The snow is falling slowly, but it turns out that a peaceful Christmas is out of the question.

Ritual Murder?

The novel is about an Irish archeologist, Illaun Bowe, who during one of her excavations finds the remains of a human. It is a woman, who has been severely mutilated. Could it be a ritual murder? Soon thereafter the landowner, who was against the excavation from the beginning, is found murdered in the same brutal way.

Illaun cannot help but look into the issue, even though she knows she should leave the job to the police. Her investigation leads to a convent nearby. Illaun soon suspects that the murders have ties to terrible events that happened a long time ago. Are the nuns really as good-tempered as you think?

One person after another who has taken part in the excavation is found murdered – in the same awful way as the woman in the grave.

Irish Author

This is the first time I read something by the Irish author Patrick Dunne. He was born and raised in Dublin, where he has studied literature and philosophy at the university. He worked as a radio producer for several years before he made writing his full-time job.

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