TheCrimeHouse on Vacation: 221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street must be one of London’s most famous addresses. That is where Sherlock Homes lived! Or rather were he would have lived if he had been a real person…and if Baker Street had gone as high as 221 back then.

When Baker Street was extended later on there was a lot of controversy regarding this famous address. After a long-running dispute, the issue was settled and you can now find a Sherlock Holmes museum (clearly marked with 221B) between Baker Street 237 and 241 (?!) 🙂

You can read more about the famous address here…

The address is not difficult to find if you want to visit. The easiest way is to take the tube to Baker Street station. You will know when you are in the right place, because the walls are covered with Sherlock’s silhouette.

You can just follow the crowd, because you will not be the only one who wants to take a look.

Things to Consider:

A visit to the museum costs 8£ for adults and 5£ for children (in September 2013). You need to purchase tickets before you get in the long line to the museum!

More info can be found here…


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