”Kretsen” by Veronica von Schenck

kretsenIn Veronica von Schenck’s second crime novel we are reacquainted with profiler Althea Molin. I had been looking forward to the sequel and I was not disappointed. In addition, it seemed liked the author had worked more thoroughly on this novel than the first one. Good job!


Althea’s best friend Emelie is responsible for IT security at a bank. When an employee at the bank is killed she discovers a security breach where a lot of money was stolen. The victim is found with a tarot card in his mouth. When a second murder victim is found with a similar card in the mouth, the police suspect that they are dealing with a serial killer and contact Althea.

In Contact with the Killer

Althea and Emelie suspects that the security breach and the murders are connected but the police are not convinced so Althea and Emelie start investigating on their own. Althea even gets in contact with the killer via email and soon both she and her friends are in danger.

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