The movie Zodiac from 2007 is based on a true story about a serial killer in California, with the first murder taking place in 1969. The killer sends cryptic letters to the newspapers in San Francisco, and Jake Gyllenhaal plays the newspaper cartoonist that becomes obsessed with the case. We get to follow the detectives and newspaper people as they search for the killer.

Based on a True Story

It is a really great movie, and it would have been so even if it was not based on a true story, but the fact that it is makes it even scarier, and I was hiding behind a blanket for parts of the movie. If you have not already seen it I really recommend it.


Here in California we were kept on our toes earlier this week as the manhunt for Christopher Dorner went down, and I only wonder how long it will take before we get to see a movie about that story.


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