ABC’s new murder mystery competition Whodunnit? premiered Sunday night. CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is the man behind the show where thirteen amateur sleuths are competing for a grand prize of $250,000. They are all guests at the estate Rue Manor where the Butler Giles guides them through the murderous competition.

High Voltage

In the first episode (High Voltage) it does not take long before the first murder victim is found. But who among them is the killer? Each contestant gets to decide if they want to visit the crime scene, the victim’s last known whereabouts, or the morgue, in their search for clues. Each contestant then anonymously presents their theory of how the murder was committed. The person with the worst theory is “murdered” at the end of the show and we will have to tune in to next week’s episode to find out what happened.

Clue Meets Survivor

Imagine a mix between the board game Clue, a good old murder mystery party, and the reality show Survivor and there you have the “reality fiction” show Whodunnit? The show is cheesy and I doubt that it will be a hit, or even get decent ratings, but for a crime fiction nerd like me it is somewhat entertaining. It is not like there is a lot of other good TV shows in the summer anyway…

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