Val Mcdermid – Fever of the bone

I´ve just read Val Mc Dermids 6thbook “Fever of the Bone” with Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. I have to admit that I first saw the TV-serie based on the books (Wire in the blood) A really good crime serie, one of my favourite actually, but the books are just as good,  if not better.  We get to know the characters a bit more in the books which is good and there are a few more characters in the books. Mc Dermid manages, as usual, to keep all the threads together with a fluently and high tempo.

The Story is OK but not brilliant – Teenage children is kidnapped and later murdered. Carols department is in danger after a new chief takes the command and Tony is struggling with information about his newly discovered father. I understood who the killer was before I was supposed to which made the ending a bit boring for me. It´s always nice to be really surprised.

I liked the book but I´m not sure how much it has to do with the fact that I love the TV-serie.

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